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MO•JO Mindfulness Subscription Box
MO•JO Mindfulness Subscription Box

MO•JO Mindfulness Subscription Box

$ 28.00 USD


Raising children mindfully is important to you. You are interested in progress, not perfection, and you know that teaching children about their emotions and other life skills starts with you. MO JO is your biggest fan, nudging you each month to make time for yourself and reminding that you are a rockstar. MO JO will make your heart smile. Each curated box is built around a new word of the month and includes:
  • inspiring original art
  • a printed activity guide full of introspection and playful invitations into your new word
  • a children's book to help you share your word with children
  • a surprise just for you (think chocolate, tea, charms, bath bombs, and other i-want-to-pamper-you-because-you-deserve-it-things.)

Our first packages will arrive on US doorsteps in June (CREATE), and by August 2019 we hope to be accepting orders worldwide.