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Dealing with whining, meltdowns, and tantrums?

SnuggleBuddies to the rescue! This plush toy collection with a purpose is helping children around the world learn to name and regulate their feelings.

The four color-coded mood emojis inside every SnuggleBuddies encourage children to share their emotions on a daily basis.


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These huggable 13" plush toys engage children on both an emotional and a sensory level, featuring expertly embroidered details, vibrant colors, and super-soft, minky (aka awesome to snuggle) fabric. SnuggleBuddies are adored by parents, educators, therapists, and children around the world!

There are seven animals in the SnuggleBuddies collection and each one includes:

  • Four Mood Emojis: These 3" plush symbols tuck inside a pocket and are connected by short, silky ribbons so they will not get lost. Each mood emoji represents a different set of feelings (happy, sad, calm, mad/scared) and prompts kids to think and talk about their emotions, thoughts, and memories.
  • Laminated Feelings Poster and Calendar/Journal: Using this laminated poster, children practice noticing and naming their feelings three times a day. Just mark, wipe, and use it again, month after month!
  • Dry Erase Marker

SnuggleBuddies make a great addition to our Time-In ToolKit.

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my feelings montly calendar


SnuggleBuddies are an easy way to make learning about emotions a daily ritual at home or school. Here is a list of six fun ways to play with your SnuggleBuddies!

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snugglebuddies are great for

the snugglebuddies song

When did I feel happy? When did I feel sad?

When did I feel calm? When did I feel mad?  

Will you tell a story about a feeling that you had?

What happens in your body, when your feeling..."



snuggle buddies testimonials

"Fridays are usually meltdown madness at our house, but our snuggle buddies arrived today to our home in Zurich and Eric, age 5, was so captivated with his new Balu the Bear, that he sat for 25 mins and drew a picture of him! And his almost three-year-old brother was so happy with Leo the Lion.

Later that same day, my five-year-old said he was feeling angry and would like to sit as a family and choose some PeaceMakers cards and talk about feelings! This is a major breakthrough for us, and we are forever grateful!!!" -Leanne, Switzerland


Each plush in the collection represents a different peace-making power we each have inside ourselves. Buy just one or the entire collection of seven! 

plush in the collection represents a different peace-making power


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