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Positive Parenting Online Class: Self Awareness

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We're setting you up with access to a FREE online positive parenting class led by the founder of Generation Mindful, parent educator Suzanne Tucker.

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Want to learn how to discipline children without yelling, punishing, nagging, shaming or spanking? Take in this 75 minute video and gain a deeper understanding of your personal parenting “triggers” as well as how to manage them.

This video is actually a full lesson Suzanne produced for a six part online mindful parenting course based on her live class series, full of practical and empowering insights you can apply to family life immediately. The class participants in the video are parents from pregnancy to age 5 but you'll find the class is supportive for parenting children of all ages.

If you'd like to feel more connected, confident and just plain less stressed-out as a parent, I encourage you to watch this first video on Self Awareness and Attachment.

For the 20+ page printable handout booklet that comes along with the lesson along with the full six part video series, email info@genmindful.com, SUBJECT LINE: $30 OFF PARENTING CLASS and I'll set you up with a special coupon code to the entire class plus the handouts/exercises etc, for just $99! ($129 VALUE).

Learn more about the full class series here.


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