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Do you want to be more patient with your children? Do you want to feel more in sync with your family, friends, and acquaintances? Do you want to be a part of a community of people interested in doing the same? Slip Love Bands on and make connection a habit!

Mantra Bracelets 

Stylish reminders to connect before you correct.

Do you want to be more patient with your children? Do you want to feel more in sync with your family, friends, and acquaintances? Do you want to be a part of a community of people interested in doing the same? Slip Love Bands on and make connection a habit!

Awareness is as close as your wrist. 

As human beings, we are literally wired for connection.

Scientists have conclusive evidence to show that the ratio of our positive-to-negative interactions can be used to predict—with remarkable accuracy—everything from our school and workplace performance to divorce.

Research tells us that the human brain can only effectively process one negative reinforcement for every three to five positives it receives. So how do we remember to connect three or more times for every negative thought, word, or action we create? Enter LoveBands.

LoveBands come with four colorful bands for your wrist and a signature, two-sided, custom metal charm. This charm has a single word, or mantra, beautifully stamped on the other side, designed to pull for your awareness. 

Here's how they work.

For every moment of connection you share, slip one of three CONNECT LoveBands from one wrist to the other. Move all three and you’ve earned your CORRECT band, adorned with your mantra, depending on the set you chose. How will you use your CORRECT band? Now is the ideal time to lead and guide. You are in sync, and you will be heard.

When you are wearing LoveBands, even corrections become more heart-centered. It all comes back to your awareness. 

Let the transformation begin.

Wear LoveBands and practice responding instead of reacting.

For every negative thought, word, or action you send out, your LoveBands is there on your wrist, inviting you to intentionally create three positive thoughts, words or actions to keep you in balance with the world around you.

Did you use a harsh word with your toddler in your race to get out the door? Move your CORRECT band to your other wrist. Did you then make eye contact and smile at your toddler as they voiced their frustrations or anger with you? That's two CONNECT bands for you to move to the other wrist. Did you follow this with a silly question about where their shoes need to go --- "Do they go on your ears?! Do they go on your elbows?! Do they go on your....FEET?!?! YESS!!" There you go, you have now moved all three CONNECT bands to your other wrists. It's time to guide that little one towards the car, with your sense of connectedness restored.

Or maybe, after looking at your LoveBands there on your wrist, you are inspired to get down on your child's eye level and to say, "You really don't want to stop playing. You like playing legos" before moving her into next steps and getting shoes on and children out the door. Whether your children are tots, teens or it's your spouse that you are needing more patience with, LoveBands are there to help you keep your cool.


And don't worry, if "connecting before you correct" sounds hard to do, LoveBands will help take the guess work out of this for you with over 100+ ideas for connecting with people of all ages packed inside every set.

Through awareness, connection and play, LoveBands literally re-wire your brain, helping you respond instead of react. Neurons that "fire together wire together", which means the more you wear your LoveBands, the easier connection before correction becomes.


Because we teach most powerfully by example, as you practice showing more compassion, appreciation, and gratitude to you family, friends, and co-workers you will begin to see this love in return.

This is most especially true for children who respond particularly well to modeling when it comes to learning a new skill.

Which Mantra Lives For You?

Chose from one of six sets of LoveBands, depending on the theme that speaks loudest to your body, mind, and spirit. Your custom GEN:M charm is available in either white bronze or rose As you read through the six mantra themes, look for the word that makes your body feel light and bright. PLAY, TEACH, BE, LIVE, HOLD, NURTURE. Which word speaks to your heart the loudest? Well, then, there you go. Your intuition has led you.

Tune in and trust. Your body will tell you which set of LoveBands is for you. And yes, it's okay to collect all six!



Want to be one of the first people in the world to wear LoveBands? Pre-order yours today and we will ship you one of the first 500 sets to hit the market this Fall. 

We Are Gen:M

Normally $49, when you pre-order LoveBands (and only while supplies last) you'll pay just $29. Pre-order two or more sets and receive FREE US SHIPPING!

This offer is limited to the first 500 pre-orders, and includes a free "100 Ways to Connect" printableready to print, hang, and inspire you when you need it the most.

I will send you, LoveBands' "early adopters, email updates throughout the summer with photos, updates, and more as they make their way into the world, traveling from our jeweler's shop in Bali, to the mid-west, and then back out to you --- ready to inspire hearts and homes all over the world.

We ship world-wide. If you live outside the US, shipping details will be added for you to preview before checkout.

ps: I see the intentional way you live your life. Thank you. Keep spreading your love in ways great and small each day. You are LOVE, and the love you are makes a difference in the world.

#WeAreGenM #LivingInTheLittleMoments

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