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online positive parenting course
Online Positive Parenting Course - PeaceMakers Generation Mindful - Generation Mindful, PLAYFUL - teach emotions parenting child therapy tool
practical and empowering parenting tools
Discipline without yelling, shame, blame or pain
online positive parenting course

Online Positive Parenting Course (Bundle Savings!)

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Buy Now and Save! Practical, empowering tools you will start to use day one. Learn how to:

  • Discipline without yelling, shame, blame or pain.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your parenting “triggers”.
  • Connect with your children in simple, playful ways.
  • Redirect challenging behavior.
  • Set and maintain firm, respectful, and consistent boundaries.
  • End power struggles and sibling rivalry before they begin.
  • Parent as a team with your spouse or partner. 

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What parents have said about our parenting class:

“This class changed my life.”
– Lindsey Reed

"We feel cured. It's like the pressure of being perfect just stopped, so now we get to be us and work on what we want to be without the pressure/shame factor. Eye-opening. Life-changing."
- Maria Hunter

“My husband and I realized that everything we learned in this class is relevant to our marriage as well. So helpful.”
– Mendy and Clint Koerkenmeier

"Before starting the class, I was very unsure of establishing boundaries. 'Was I being mean? Is it okay to set such limits?' - I was really unclear. But now I'm confident when I set limits."
– Emily Bolton

“Suzanne just gets it on a whole other level. She is a true empath. You will leave feeling both understood and empowered.”
– Andrea Rocha

“5 out of 5! My favorite part was learning how my childhood shapes my parenting. So helpful, especially as I give up yelling.”
– Bob

“I’m going to retake this class AGAIN next month it was that helpful, and next time I’m watching the videos with my husband!”
– Sari Rotskoff

“This class has changed my parenting so much. My daughter and I have a better relationship because of it. Not that it was bad before, it’s just a lot better now and has saved me lots of headaches!”
– Ashlee Russ

“I feel MUCH more empowered to be a good mom.”
– Carrie Burnett

“We’ve gone from having regular battles to being best buds with our two-year-old.”
– Cathy and Steve

“One of my favorite things about this class was hearing the questions, struggles, breakthroughs, and stories shared by other parents. The feeling that I'm not alone and that we’re all in this together. You can’t get that from a book.”
– Jennifer

“The best part for me was getting on the same page as my husband. We were coming from very different places. It is so much calmer in our house.”
– Anna

“We were really in a rut. This was just what I needed.”
– Dani 

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