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We are Generation Mindful, nurturing the human spirit.



The research is in --- for children to have success and joy in life, it takes more than academics. It takes social emotional skills. But actually fostering children's emotional intelligence (aka EQ) in today's fast-paced world where so many are feeling overscheduled, overstimulated, and just plain overwhelmed can feel incredibly difficult. 

Parents and educators alike are looking for simple, meaningful ways to slow life down and simply connect with kids.

Enter Generation Mindful. Our single focus is to create playful products that connect the generations and build emotional intelligence.
Check out our first release, a game called PeaceMakers. This 42-card deck of affirming messages build emotional intelligence in as little as five minutes a day. With seven ways to play, this daily playful ritual helps children learn to connect with their feelings and their voice. And thankfully, when kids are feeling safe, powerful and just naturally delivers less whining, crying and tantrums.

We are on a mission to nurture the human spirit one heart, one home, one classroom at a time. Join us in saying goodbye to punishment based child rearing practices of old and HELLO to leading and guiding children by example. At Generation Mindful, our job is to take the latest in brain science and early childhood development research and to apply it to everyday life - turning science into creative, playful, practical solutions all ages can learn from and enjoy.

Join the free, grassroots Generation Mindful community if you believe:

1) Play is the highest form of research. (Albert Einstein said this, so, yeah, if you believe this too you're in good company.)

2) Discipline means to lead and guide by example. (Not to shame, blame and cause pain as is commonly believed.)

3) Nurturing the heart is just as important as nurturing the head and that MAGIC happens when learning is hands-on, child led, battery-free and, whenever possible, outside!

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Say hello to your new animal-puppet friends: Bear, Fox, Lion, Hummingbird, Dolphin, Owl, and Elephant from the game Peacemakers. Just print, color, cut, tape, and let the storytelling (emotional intelligence building) begin.