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My Calming Strategies Poster (In Time-In ToolKit)

My Calming Strategies Poster (In ToolKit)

$ 18.00 USD


This 20" x 30" poster is a playful and helpful way to teach children social and emotional skills. [Included in the Time-In ToolKit]

The poster is designed to help children notice, name, share and regulate their bodies and their minds. With the help of colorful and engaging illustrations, this poster increases self-awareness, teaching children ages 3+ eleven different calming strategies.

The poster features 32 emotions divided into four mood categories: Angry (Scared), Happy, Calm and Sad. 

Ideal for any home, classroom, childcare center, family friendly business or therapy practice. 

This poster is already a part of the complete Time-In ToolKit, but due to high demand, we are making this individual poster available.

Size: 20” x 30” | Paper: 10 mil, fingerprint resistant gloss.

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