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32 Feeling Faces Poster (In the ToolKit)

$ 12.00 USD

The My 32 Feeling Faces Poster is a fun and helpful way to teach children social and emotional skills. The poster is designed to help children recognize, understand and label facial expressions and feelings. With the help of colorful and engaging illustrations, children and adults alike will be able to practice reading facial expressions and expressing emotions more clearly.  

The My Feelings Poster is a great tool to jump-start discussions about feelings with children as young as 3 and how to accept, learn from, and manage them. It features 32 emotions divided into four mood categories: Angry, Happy, Calm and Sad. This poster makes a beautiful addition to the Time-In ToolKit and/or any calming space, classroom or home.

Ideal for any home, classroom childcare center or therapy practice. 

Size: 12 x 18 | Paper: 10 mil, fingerprint resistant gloss.

[This poster is an upgrade, however, as a special offer this week it is being added for free to all orders in the US.]

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