SnuggleBuddies Set & Book Bundle

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Let's snuggle up to our feelings and discover where love lives! This special bundle includes all seven SnuggleBuddies, plus our Heart's Treasure Hunt children's book, where our friend Heart goes on an adventure with the SnuggleBuddies to find "where love lives." The answer might just surprise you!   


These minky-soft plush toys help children name and regulate their emotions with four mood emojis that live inside each SnuggleBuddies. This set also comes with our SnuggleBuddies Feelings Sing-a-long video and x7 Feelings Journals to help make mindfulness and noticing our feelings a daily habit! 


Our SnuggleBuddies plush toys help children around the world learn to name and regulate their feelings, engaging them on both an emotional and sensory level with their super soft, minky fabric. The four color-coded mood emojis inside every SnuggleBuddy teach children the four main feelings mood groups and encourage them to share how they are feeling on a daily basis.

Squeeze your favorite SnuggleBuddies tight as we go on an adventure to learn where love lives in Heart's Treasure Hunt. In this get-up-and-move story, our friend Heart wants to know "What is Love? And where does Love live??" Along the way we meet each of our SnuggleBuddies friends who help Heart on his treasure hunt. 

For ages 0-9+


    The SnuggleBuddies Set & Book Bundle includes:

    • All 7 SnuggleBuddies Emotions Plush Characters: Meet Red Bear, Orange Fox, Yellow Lion, Green Hummingbird, Blue Dolphin, Indigo Owl, and Violet Elephant. Each plush in the collection represents a different peace-making power we each have inside ourselves and ties back to our best-selling PeaceMaker Mindfulness Cards (included in The Time-In ToolKit). 
    • Heart's Treasure Hunt Children's Book: Follow along as Heart goes on a treasure hunt to discover "What is Love? And where does Love live??" The answer at the end of the book might just surprise you! Along the way we meet each of our 7 SnuggleBuddy friends. 
    • 7 My Feelings Journals: Using this laminated poster, children practice noticing and naming their feelings three times a day. Comes with a velcro-ed dry erase marker. Just mark, wipe, and use it again, month after month!
    • The SnuggleBuddies Feelings Song Video: Your SnuggleBuddies comes with a fun, illustrated sing-a-long video that asks us "When did I feel happy? When did I feel mad? When did I feel calm? When did I feel mad?" 

    SnuggleBuddies also make a great addition to our Time-In ToolKit, helping children calm down, name and process their emotions. 



    SnuggleBuddies are an easy way to make learning about emotions a daily ritual at home or school. Each SnuggleBuddies comes with a list of 6 fun ways to play!

    Singing Time: Sing The SnuggleBuddies Feelings Song (included in your purchase) and ask children to call out an emotion at the end of the song. Ask children to share a story about a time when they felt this way. 

    Story Time: Your SnuggleBuddies is one of the stars of our acclaimed children's book Heart's Treasure Hunt. Snuggle up with your child and their favorite SnuggleBuddies (or all of them!) to follow Heart on a treasure hunt to find where Love lives. 

    Name That Emoji: Say a feeling word and see if children can find the mood emoji to match that feeling word. Start with the basic four mood groups of happy, sad, calm, and angry/scared, adding other emotions as children learn and grow. 

    Bedtime Rituals: Invite children to pull the "storyteller" mood emojis out one at a time, sharing moments from their day when they felt that particular emotion, or listen to the PeaceMakers Meditations

    Tantrums & Meltdowns: Children can point to the mood emoji that matches the way they are feeling without needing to "use their words," a skill that may elude them in their triggered state. 

    Time-Ins: Use your SnuggleBuddies in a while taking a Time-In to practice working through big emotions before they happen. Add a Time-In ToolKit to your SnuggleBuddies order and get 20% OFF. 



    SnuggleBuddies are adored by parents, educators, therapists, and children around the world! These snuggly, supportive friends can be introduced to children from birth even up through their teens! 

    SnuggleBuddies can be used as a constant companion and during times of heightened stress or big emotions:

    • Transitions
    • Tantrums & Meltdowns
    • Moving to a New House
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Divorce & Family Adjustments
    • Starting a New School
    • Potty Training 
    • Having a New Baby in the House
    • Getting a New Foster Family
    • Moving to a New Bed
    • Sensory Overload
    • When a Parent is Being Deployed
    • Difficulty Winding Down or Going to Sleep


    SnuggleBuddies are an easy way to make learning about emotions a daily ritual at home or school. Here is a list of six fun ways to play with your SnuggleBuddies!

    seven animals in the SnuggleBuddies

    snugglebuddies are great for

    the snugglebuddies song

    When did I feel happy? When did I feel sad?

    When did I feel calm? When did I feel mad?  

    Will you tell a story about a feeling that you had?

    What happens in your body, when your feeling..."

    Each plush in the collection represents a different peace-making power we each have inside ourselves. Buy just one or the entire collection of seven!

    plush in the collection represents a different peace-making power

    SnuggleBuddies from Generation Mindful on Vimeo.

    SnuggleBuddies make bedtime special time (and easier) from Generation Mindful on Vimeo.

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