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Dr. Shefali's New Book on Conscious Parenting: Let's Get You a Signed Copy

In this interview with New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Shefali, endorsed by Oprah herself as "revolutionary" in her approach to conscious parenting, we talk about it all:

  • the insanity of cultural parenting norms
  • emotions, not as facts but as "data"
  • the challenge to parent differently than we were raised
  • moving past guilt and shame
  • and her new book, The Parenting Map.

I was so moved by our interview that in the end, I did a thing. I made the offer to buy each of you a copy of the book. 

Check out the interview below. I hope you are as inspired as I am by the potential for us to reach families around the world with the concept of putting an end to punishment-based parenting. 

Buying thousands of books is a thing, but truly, I think we can do this.

My goal is to ship thousands of books into the hands of you, our Generation Mindful members, because I know you will share it powerfully with others.

So, this week only, anyone who buys our Digital Calming Corner and Time-In ToolKit will also get Dr. Shefali's new book The Parenting Map ($26 Value) shipped to them for FREE, with the US shipping included at no added cost.

My apologies to our international members, but right now only US Shipping is possible.

Dr. Shefali has offered to sign every book we ship to a community member and to come back for a private live event to answer our questions after reading the book.

This offer is good on Digital Calming Corner & Time-In ToolKit® Bundle orders placed this week only.

Thanks all! I'll keep you posted on follow-up event details which we will host FREE, live with Dr. Shefali in The Village, our community hub for parents, caregivers, and educators.

Finally, for the busy people among us that want to learn more about the book and the offer, I made this 2-minute version of the video for you. 

I see you because I am you. ;) 

I hope you'll join us in this offer and the live online "book club" meetup to follow for all that get in on the offer.