A Guide to Building Relationships with Our Teens

When our children are young, they do most of the bidding for connection. As they grow older and there is more peer influence, we often find roles reve

Jun 30 22 | 3 - 5 min read

Why Do Parents Spank?

To advocate for the children who fall subject to corporal punishment, perhaps we must witness the inner child of the punisher. Here are 4 reasons why

Jun 30 22 | 3 - 5 min read

We Often Think Our Kids Are Manipulating Us But Are We Manipulating Them?

We often feel like our children are manipulating us yet research shows that willful manipulation is a function of higher brain regions that are still

Jun 30 22 | 3 - 5 min read

3 Ways To Meet Your Child's Needs For Attachment And Authenticity

When a parent habitually removes affection or acceptance from a child as a means of coercing compliance, the child is forced into codependency or rebe

Jun 30 22 | 3 - 5 min read

3 Tools For Parenting A Strong-Willed Child

Learning to decode your fierce child’s behavior is key to reducing power struggles and increasing connection. Here are 3 tools for parenting a strong-

Jun 28 22 | 3 - 5 min read

What To Say To A Parent Who Just Lost A Child

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of women feel shame, self-blame, and guilt after a pregnancy loss. While you cannot take away the pain, you

Jun 28 22 | 3 - 5 min read

6 Simple Ways To Diffuse Power Struggles With Your Toddler

We cannot raise independent, assertive, and strong-willed adults if we force them to be passive, pliable, and obedient children. Here are 6 connection

Jun 26 22 | 3 - 5 min read

I Sent Myself To The Calming Corner And My Child Learned To Regulate Emotions

Time-Ins are an opportunity for us adults to re-connect with our inner child and learn the skills of emotional regulation so that we can then model an

Jun 26 22 | 3 - 5 min read

What To Do When Positive Parenting Isn't Working

Sometimes parents say that positive parenting “isn’t working” for them, and when that is the case, it’s important to explore why before giving up. Her

Jun 21 22 | 3 - 5 min read

7 Parts Of The Parenting Pie

At its core, parenting is about relationships, and in our search for the perfect discipline tricks, we've lost sight of that. Here are 7 pieces to the

Jun 21 22 | 3 - 5 min read

Two Words That Soothe A Child’s Heart

Our connection matters. Our children feel it. They need it. They need to know that, no matter what transpired today, no matter what was said, no matte

Jun 21 22 | 3 - 5 min read

Parenting as an Introvert is Hard. Here's One Thing That Keeps Me Sane.

When you can't create more time alone for yourself, supercharge your time to bask in your internal refuge with this tool.

Jun 20 22 | 3 - 5 min read

3 Simple Tools To Gain Cooperation From Your Child

When it comes to getting your child to listen, tricks and bribes only go so far. Eventually, your kids will wise up to them, and because these tactics

Jun 19 22 | 3 - 5 min read

Helping Your Kids Process Tragic News

In different ways, we will have conversations with our children about the tragedy that took place in Uvalde. As we do so, we can follow some of these

Jun 15 22 | 5 - 7 min read

The Effects of Spanking on the Spanker

8 ways spanking affects the parent or person giving the spanking

Jun 14 22 | 3 - 5 min read

A Guide For Gentle Parents: When Family Is Disrespectful To Your Child

We have all been there. Family who doesn’t agree with your parenting style, who uses fear and shame to push obedience for their convenience. Those who

Jun 7 22 | 3 - 5 min read

Do You Have the Courage to Imperfect?

Embracing your imperfect self, your imperfect children, and your imperfect life is an uncomfortable, vulnerable step to take. Here are some tips for m

Jun 7 22 | 3 - 5 min read

How to Become a Cycle-Breaking Parent in 4 Steps

Unlike many of our parents who repressed, denied, ignored, or shamed their own feelings, resulting in abusive explosions and emotional neglect, becomi

Jun 7 22 | 3 - 5 min read

Stop Saying, "He's Mean To You Because He Likes You"

"He's mean to you because he likes you" is a harmful message that perpetuates the cycle of bullying and program

Mar 21 22 | 3 - 5 min read

3 Effective Ways to Create a Peaceful Home Life

Want to create a home with less yelling, power struggles, and chaos - a home that has more peace? Then these are your three ingredients.

Feb 28 22