Why Take Parenting Classes - Free Class included

Why Take Parenting Classes - Free Class included

Parenting is no easy task. Before becoming a parent, you might have thought that parenting is just something that you will learn as you go. And while there are things that you will learn from experience, parenting shouldn't be taken lightly as there are many things that can surprise even the most experienced parents.

There isn’t one perfect parenting approach- however, there are definitely unhealthy parenting habits that you might unconsciously pick up along the way. Because, let’s face it - as much as we love our kids they can sometimes really push our buttons and make us feel like we are on the edge. That’s why learning how to become a calm, understanding and rational parent is important and it's why parenting classes are useful.


Parenting classes are made readily available to you online! We live in a very busy era and we all have very limited time which is why both of our parenting classes are online!

Regardless if you are a mother or a father, you know that balancing work life, family life and upgrading your knowledge is hard work enough as it is. Still, learning how to become a more insightful parent is of crucial importance in order to build stronger and positive relationship with your children.

So self-paced parenting classes are definitely a time saver and something that provides valuable knowledge. The best part is, we offer a free parenting course so keep on reading!

We all know that every child is different and unique so it’s to be expected that they all act differently. Child psychology has helped all parents a lot by simply observing the behavior of children in the process of growing up and finding the best approaches to dealing with undesirable behavior and how to reward the behavior we wish to encourage.

Luckily, you don’t need a PhD in psychology to be able to do that - that’s why our online parenting classes exists!


Unlike other parenting classes, we have provided a free online class as a gift from us to you. So you have now been officially gifted this FREE online positive parenting class led by the founder of Generation Mindful, parent educator, mom and physical therapist Suzanne Tucker!

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Want to learn how to discipline children without yelling, punishing, nagging, shaming or spanking? Take in this 75-minute video and gain a deeper understanding of your personal parenting “triggers”as well as how to manage them.

This video is the first lesson Suzanne produced from a six-part Online Parenting Course based on her popular live class series, full of practical and empowering insights you can apply to family life starting day one. You'll find the class is supportive for parenting children of all ages.

If you'd like to feel more connected, confident and just less stressed-out as a parent, I encourage you to watch this first video on Self Awareness and Attachment.


For the 24+ page printable handout booklet that comes with the course along with the full six-part video series, access the complete parenting class series online here.

This first class will give you the basic knowledge to start you on your quest to become a more insightful parent in only 75 minutes. However if you wish to benefit more from our teachings you can get all of the insights and become a more insightful parent by taking the full Online Positive Parenting Course.

The best part is that you can take both of our parenting classes at your own pace. We know that attending a class on a fixed schedule can be difficult. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, then taking this parenting class online will be a total lifesaver for you.

For the price of only $129, you can get fully trained in our Online Positive Parenting Course and learn how to help your children have a positive outlook on the world that they will carry with themselves through adulthood.


Parenting classes can consist of different things but our Online Positive Parenting focusing on giving you the best tools in the six weekly 60-minutes+ videos that will teach you the techniques you can use as a parent. They are all designed by Suzanne Tucker who explains how a parent can act in certain situations and how to approach all challenges that parenting throws at them.

The downloadable workbook together with the Mindful Parenting checklist will serve as your reminders of what you have learned. Because it is not only about learning and understanding things but it is also about being able to use them in practice.

On top of all this, you will get exclusive access to two Q & A sessions with Suzanne Tucker herself where you can ask more specific questions about parenting or about a certain challenge you are facing at the moment as a parent.


Before having children, you have probably evaluated your parents’ parenting style and thought “I am never treating my child the way I was treated". It is only after becoming a parent yourself you have probably caught yourself doing that thing that you said you were never going to do. And you may even said, at one point, that you won't ever need any parenting classes as you are fully prepared.

Nothing in this world can prepare you to be a parent and it is easy to occasionally do something which we regret. We as parents can work on our own behavior and correct how we deal with certain situations in order to avoid shouting, grounding and the like that  can reflect in a negative way on our children.

Parenting classes will teach you how to behave in those situations in a positive manner in which your child will actually understand why what they have done is wrong and they will channel their energy to do positive things that they will get praised for. And while all this might seem intimidating, and we admit that there is a learning curve, both parenting classes are self-paced which will allow you to complete it whenever you have time.


And to be honest, we can all use some help from time to time. Raising children nowadays is becoming more and more challenging due to our busy schedules. This is why we developed the Time-In Toolkit and is the reason why we are offering this free online parenting class. We want to help you be a more insightful parent and for you and your children to have a deeper, more playful relationship.

We strive to be the one stop online shop that is geared towards allowing you to provide a happy childhood to your kids and allow them to see you both as a parent and as a friend. Someone they can rely on and confide in, someone they can connect to, someone they know is there to provide them with all the love and support they deserve.

Thank you!



Suzanne Tucker, founder

Suzanne Tucker, online positive parenting course

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