About Generation Mindful

Generation Mindful is dedicated to helping adults raise caring, confident, and resilient children through play-based social-emotional learning tools and empowering childrearing practices that foster secure relationships, promoting lifelong mental health and well-being.

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Let’s make teaching children about emotions as mainstream as teaching them their ABCs and 123s!

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Our Story

Our Story

Hi, I'm Suzanne Tucker, a mom of four who has been a physical therapist and parent educator for 30 years. 

Parenting taught me so much about myself, including how I traded in my true self as a child in exchange for being a “good girl” --- cooperative, accepted, and praised. 

And working with thousands of parents in small groups taught me that I am not alone in my struggle to overcome shame, or my desire to deeply know and love myself. 

In 2016, after a parent in one of my classes asked for help taking what she was learning into her busy life, especially when her kids were acting out, I had the big idea to start Generation Mindful®. I saw that #cyclebreaking parents today, like me, are undersupported when it comes to healing the past and raising their children differently than they were raised. 

My big idea was to take the art of building emotional intelligence into everyday family life... practically and playfully. My dream is to see time-outs and punishment replaced by "time-ins" and connection. Thank you for making this dream a reality!!!



At Generation Mindful, we believe the most impactful thing we can do to bring about a more just and peaceful world is to evolve the way children are raised, replacing fear and shame-based practices of old with skill-building solutions that nurture social-emotional learning, and a sense of safety and connection between the generations.

Embraced by parents and educators in more than 120+ countries, our social-emotional learning tools, toys, and classes apply the latest science for raising caring, confident, and resilient children to everyday life in ways that strengthen adult/child relationships. 

We are grateful to share, grow, and, most importantly, to LIVE our mission to raise an emotionally healthy world with our passionate global community. Here's what Generation Mindful means to the change-making parents and educators we support.

Our Values






Suzanne Tucker

CEO & Founder 

Dr. Rebecca Branstetter

School Psychiatrist, Advisor

Selina Armstrong, Trauma Expert

Family Support Services Program Contributor 

Kati Knaup, ECC Counselor/Educator

SEL Curriculum Writer 

Dusha Cecil 

SEL Curriculum Contributor 

GENM Is Supported By Our Local Organizations

We are proudly founded and located in St. Louis, MO and work hard to connect with other St. Louis organizations. We received Arch Grants Startup Grant in 2018 as well as the Arch Grants Growth Grant in 2022. We are extremely active within the STL startup community. Check out these letters of support from local organizations like Centene, St. Louis Public Schools, and Nurses For Newborns

GENM Is Supported By Our Local Organizations

A word from our founder:

I've heard it said that adulthood gives us the opportunity to be the person we needed when we were young. This has become the inspiration for my life’s work. Together we can move past fear, shame, and pain in the way we raise children. It took motherhood, birthing four children, and healing through five miscarriages for me to fully awaken to the intuitive being that I am (that we all are). I see life as a journey, one that we were never meant to do alone. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this mission-driven community with you.

We are Generation Mindful. We are love, and we are enough.