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Nurture Emotional Intelligence

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Use Time-Ins and Calming Spaces

Use Time-Ins and Calming Spaces

* Kits For All Ages * Developed by Experts

Teach Kids About Emotions Playfully

Teach Kids About Emotions Playfully

* 8 Emotions Plush to Pick From * Loved By Kids

Tame Your Triggers and Connect With Kids

Tame Your Triggers and Connect With Kids

* Reparent Yourself * Raise Children Mindfully

What if “Stop crying” turned into “I’m listening” for an entire generation?

Generation Mindful® is on a mission to raise an emotionally healthy world. Our goal is to make teaching kids about emotions as mainstream as teaching kids their ABCs and 123s!

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When children feel safe and connected, they are ready and able to learn!

Time-In Toolkit®

The Time-In ToolKit® playfully teaches kids 2-9+ how to navigate big emotions through social emotional skill-building games. Developed by child-development experts, your ToolKit includes everything you need to start taking Time-Ins instead of Time-Outs with your little ones.

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