Raising an Emotionally Healthy World

Want to raise resilient and compassionate kids? It all starts with early emotional learning and connection rather than correction alone. We are changing the way kids are raised. Join us and be a CHANGE-MAKER!

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Help Kids Feel Seen, Safe, and a Sense of Belonging. Here's How!

Play Based

Brain Building

Designed By Experts

Step 1: Learn How to Create a Calming Space & Use Time-Ins

Proven to improve social-emotional skills, de-escalate meltdowns, and lessen behavioral issues, our world famous Time-In ToolKit® helps children learn how to name and regulate their emotions. Say goodbye to timeouts!

Step 2: Use SnuggleBuddies™ to Name & Share Feelings!

Every Emotions Plush comes with 6+ ways to play and includes four colorful mood emojis, fun to hold and squeeze for little children who are feeling big emotions.

Step 3: Tame Parenting Triggers & Connect Before You Correct

We offer expert-guided courses and one-on-one parent coaching to help you bring more joy and less stress to everyday life raising kids.

What if “Stop crying” turned into “I’m listening” for an entire generation?

Generation Mindful is dedicated to raising caring, confident, and resilient children. Let’s make teaching kids about emotions as mainstream as teaching them their ABC’s and 123’s!

Teach Children Emotional Regulation at any Age

Solutions for Teachers & Schools

Create a Supportive Learning Environment

When children feel safe and connected, they are ready and able to learn! Create a Supportive Classroom and bridge the home and school social-emotional learning (SEL) gap with our classroom toolkits.

Time-In Toolkit

The Time-In ToolKit® playfully teaches kids 2-9+ how to navigate big emotions through social emotional skill-building games. Developed by child-development experts, your ToolKit includes everything you need to start taking Time-Ins instead of Time-Outs with your little ones.

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Put an end to spanking and time-outs around the world.

Put an end to spanking and time-outs around the world.

Generation Mindful has helped millions of parents and educators in 90+ countries worldwide shift from "controlling" to connecting with children.

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