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Goodbye People Pleaser, Hello My Beautiful Self

A cycle-breaking mama shares a poem about shedding old narratives and expectations so that she can be her authentic self, and in doing so, empower her six-year-old son to do the same.

Josie is a mom of our community who shares: 

"Last week we started our six-year-old boy in a new school, after a traumatic last term (COVID and the lockdowns really brought to light how much the traditional school system doesn't work for him and how his brain is wired although we are still exploring the why). The new school has been soooo nurturing and supportive. And still, I am grieving the cookie-cutter dream I didn't realise I had for him. I am trying to remind myself to be gentle with myself as we forge a new path and let go of what we thought grade one might look like. While my brain knows this is what he needs, my heart is having a hard time watching these dreams crashing down daily. So I'm making space for these feelings and sharing them here. Here's a little piece of writing that showed up for me tonight."

•  •  •

Letting the tears fall
Letting the warm fuzzies crash up
against the rocks of reality.

A reality that on its own accord
Is so f***ing beautiful
when you strip away all of the -

& stories

that were whispered silently in my ears
weaved into my deepest identity
without my permission

About what SUCCESS looks like
what ACCEPTANCE looks like
What BEAUTY looks like ...

And as I grieve this part of myself,
and say goodbye to a narrative
that has been poisoning my ability
to see the beauty right in front of me,

I make room for the myriad of emotion
Alongside the relief & the gratitude for the path we are on

And I remind myself to hold
the scared little girl within me
who complied and strived
to please for ultimate acceptance
with gentle love and care.

And so I whisper to her
It's ok little one,
It's ok to feel afraid.
I've got you.

This path might be new and lesser-known
But oh is it beautiful.

And the best part?
This time you can just be you

And so can he. 

** Josie Epstein is a mum of 2 beautiful kiddos, unlearning and learning through the ups and downs of raising children all while raising herself.

The past is not your destiny, it's your curriculum!

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