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8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Breaks Girl Scout Cookie Record Selling 32,484 Boxes


8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Breaks Girl Scout Cookie Record Selling 32,484 Boxes

Last week, it was revealed that Lilly Bumpus of San Bernardino, California broke the national record for most boxes sold in one season with 32,484 boxes, including 5,000 donation boxes that will go to fellow childhood cancer warriors in the hospitals, to help feed the homeless, and to deployed troops. 

Their Facebook page revealed, "Dear world, childhood cancer isn’t rare and they can’t fight alone! It remains the lowest funded form of cancer research, and because of that, kids like my little girl who was born with it and is now a survivor fights to sell cookies to try to fix it. … Thank you to all of you who purchased, donated, shared, and believed beside Lilly this season to create change bigger than a box of cookies!"

Bumpus and her parents made cookie deliveries before and after school, and she set up a booth outside their home. "She sold her freaking heart out till the last day of Girl Scout cookie season," says mom, Trish Bauer. 

"Lilly has always been blessed with the community of supporters she's had with her, but for the first time, the world saw she had her own voice, her own mission, her own site that is bigger than cancer," said the proud mom. "She just needed a space to do her own thing, and this was it."

Adds Bauer, "She does not like somebody telling her something is not possible. When I told her at the beginning of the season how tough it would be to sell this year, she told me, 'Nothing is impossible if everybody chose to make it possible.' "

Bumpus was shocked with the final number of sales. "I thought, 'Wow I never knew I could do that.' It just meant so much to me to see that huge number. It's like the biggest number I've ever seen," she said.

Last July, Bumpus celebrated seven years of being cancer-free. A message from her family on Facebook at the time encouraged others to not give up on their goals:

"Let my Lilly remind you today, don't ever give up on your dreams. No matter how big or small. No matter if it's for your physical or mental health. You are worth it!" they wrote. "Keep fighting, and know that when you prove the impossible is possible, you light a way for others to follow. Be the light. Always be the light."


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