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Parenting: Control Isn't The Goal

Nothing makes you feel like a failure quite like having a child you can’t control. Until you realize control isn’t the goal. Control starts to slip away as children grow, and you either have to up the ante to maintain that illusion of control or you have to accept the fact that...

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Breaking Multi-Generational Shame Cycles

No one is born ashamed. It is a learned, self-conscious emotion. And, often, it is multi-generational. If we aren't aware of our own tendencies to shame, we won't notice when they get triggered. We'll just act them out onto our children, passing shame down to the next generation. This is...

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Going With The Flow: Using Improv Games To Teach Flexibility

Sam struggled with impulse control and emotional processing when he didn't get what he wanted. Does this sound familiar in your home? I created an improv game to help nurture emotional intelligence and bolster flexibility. Get this game and more in our E-Book: 10 Minutes of Play For 10 Days!

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To My Strong-Willed And Sensitive Boy

A poem to her son. One mom watches her strong-willed boy drift to sleep and she sees the child under the big emotions and power struggles, and it restores her for whatever tomorrow brings.

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Hey Mama, I Know You Cried Today

Motherhood. Nothing brings us more elated joy or crushing heartache. The good news is, you’re up for it. You can handle every up and down, every tear and every grin, because you were chosen for it. You being her mama is not an accident. 

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