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Make Connection a Habit

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Halloween 2020: A New Way To Celebrate

While Halloween may look different this year, there are many ways that families can keep the spooky spirit and fun alive. Here are some of our favorite ideas that make costumes, tricking, and treating safe and memorable this Halloween. 

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Determination Can Feel Unpleasant, And It's Useful

Have you ever paused to notice your emotions? As human beings, we experience a full spectrum throughout our lifetimes. Some emotions feel pleasant in the body, and some feel less pleasant. And while we often feel most comfortable with pleasant emotional states such as happiness, silliness, kindness, and gratitude, unpleasant emotions...

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Life With Filters, Responding Verse Reacting

What is something that your child does that reminds you of yourself? When we pause and look, we often discover that our children mirror our behaviors. Join Selina as she chats about living life with filters and tools for responding to (instead of reacting to) our children so that we model...

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Tune In And Just Be

Join Selina as she teaches the tool of finger breathing - a effective way to take the time you need during those not so great parenting moments, to love yourself in spite of the edges, and give yourself permission to just be. 

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Sesame Street Speaks Up Against Racism

Sesame Street leads the pack on educating children about inclusion, social issues, and kindness, and now, with their newest special, “The Power of We,” they will teach children how to stand up against racism.

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How To Use A Calming Corner With Kids Under Three

You've likely seen the Calming Corner floating around social media, and you're probably wondering if this adorably cozy setup will work in your home, let alone with your two-year-old. I know that feeling because this is where I was too, just a few months ago.

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