Make Connection a Habit

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Imperfect Is The New Perfect

No parent is always conscious, gentle or positive. We have to choose to be, and even then it takes practice each and every day. Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment to remind us that we can be courageously ourselves. After all, our children don't need perfect parents, they just want...

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How To Heal Your Inner Child While Raising One

Often, when punitive measures were used to reform our behaviors as children, it can be a challenge to step outside controlling, demanding, and commanding our children's experience, especially in the face of big emotions and misbehavior. So, how do we heal our traumas while raising children? Here are 3 tools. ...

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Spring Is In The Air

Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be. Join Selina as she guides us into a mindful moment that invites us to think about the roses, buds and thorns in our lives using invigorating bunny breath!

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I Will Do My Best

Poet  and mama Jess Urlichs shares how sometimes doing our best is enough. And it was this one small gesture that birthed for her this important reminder.

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Behavior Charts for Kids: Do They Work?

Behavior charts track behavior, but do they work in actually reforming it? Parents and educators can use this instead to nurture children's social-emotional skills and guide behaviors. Read more.

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We Are Not Broken

We, as humans, are not broken, and therefore nothing has to be "fixed". Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment to remind us that we are all perfectly imperfect, whole and complete, just as we are in this minute. 

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