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An Open Letter To My Child's Teacher

To my child’s teacher, 

For months, every morning, I sent my child off to school to be in your care. I entrusted you with my heart as he walked into your classroom. I handed him off to you, woman to woman, knowing that for the next several hours, it would be you that he looked up to, watched, and absorbed.

My appreciation runs deep. 

Now here we are, in this unusual time of staying home. He no longer takes a seat in your classroom, yet he is still in your class. 

You have found new ways to connect, to give yourself, to be with my child. And while he sees the magic of virtual videos, book readings, and arts and crafts, I see the work, the time, and the juggle. Because I know that you are a mama, too. And while you continue to show up for my son, you also have your own children asking of you.

I see you expanding the way you teach to expand his mind, and his heart. You’ve turned the hatching of your chickens into lessons of life. You have used the gift of nature to take us on virtual walks. And you have organized virtual yoga classes for our children to help them move their bodies and breathe during this “different” time. 

Despite the physical distance, you continue to connect. You continue to show up for him. And there is safety in your consistency. During this time, we all need a bit of normalcy. 

My son thanks you. You serve as a bridge from him to his classmates, which he misses so dearly. The opportunity to see them - even if only on a screen - brings him such community, and joy. 

And I thank you, too. Your gentle reminders are a gift-  to be compassionate with myself as I navigate this new homeschooling venture. You remind me that I am doing enough and that school is all around us; that there is learning in every nook and cranny of life. 

So while this time of staying home is temporary, your impact will not be short-lived. And next year, as I pass the baton back to you, his teacher, I know the pass will go smoothly because we make a great team. While I carry the weight at home, you do so in class. Together, we work to fan the flame that lives inside of him, teaching lessons both big and small. 

With so much love and respect, 

A grateful mama

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