Make Connection a Habit

emotional intelligence

Why Improv Is Not Just For The Stage

We all improvise every day, and children are the ultimate improvisers. Through play and connection, improv games nurture brain development and bolster social-emotional learning. Here's how to do it. Plus get our E-Book: 10 Minutes of Play For 10 Days!

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Ask Andrew: Respecting Sibling Differences

Andrew answers today's question: Our oldest son is on the spectrum and our youngest is a fairly sensitive child. Often we find the oldest plays in such a way that is overwhelming for the younger one. How can we make the younger one feel safe while allowing the oldest to play...

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Help! My Child Prefers My Partner, Not Me

What do you do when your child prefers one parent over the other? Here are tools for both the preferred and non-preferred parent. Spoiler alert: This is developmental, temporary and is nothing you are doing wrong.

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5 Therapeutic Art Activities for Emotional Health

Art can help your child release and express feelings they may not know how to process and let go of otherwise. Use these 5 art activities to navigate loss, stress and transitions and to nurture emotional intelligence such as managing big emotions. 

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