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The ABCs and 123s of Emotional Intelligence

Today I'm sharing two social-emotional skill-building activities I wish EVERY child and every adult in the world knew. 

These two skills make up the ABCs and 123s of emotional intelligence. They are free, simple, easy, and dare I say, even fun to practice. 

In the following 18-minute video, I walk you through these skill-building activities for building emotional intelligence in your home or early childhood classroom. This video is for parents and educators, and it can be shared with tweens and teens as well!

Tune in and learn:

  • What are the three skill sets that lead to higher emotional intelligence in children and adults?
  • What are two ways children can practice these skills on a daily basis?
  • How do these practices help us manage things like depression and anxiety with toddlers, teens, and right on into adulthood?

Thank you for learning more about Generation Mindful's mission to raise an emotionally healthy world.

If you believe every child deserves to learn about their emotions, join our 1M+ online community of parents and educators from around the world who are making it safe for kids to feel. 

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