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MO•JO Mindful Living Subscription Box
Living mindfully
mindful living box
activity guide with soulful invitations
MO•JO Mindful Living Subscription Box

MO•JO Mindful Living Subscription Box

$ 35.00 USD


Living mindfully is important to you. You are interested in progress, not perfection, and you know that teaching children about their emotions and other life skills starts with you. 


MOJO is your biggest fan, inspiring you each month to make time for yourself and to celebrate you for the mindfulness and JOY this brings to each day.  Each curated box is built around a new word (always a verb) of the month and includes:
    • inspiring art: gallery quality 5" x 7" original print
    • activity guide with soulful invitations into the month's verb/theme
    • children's book to inspire you to share your MOJO with your kids
    • a special surprise or two just for you (think chocolate, tea, charms, bath bombs, and because-you-deserve-it-awesome-things.)

Mindful Eating box

MOJO has sold out every month since we launched it in June! September's box (AMPLIFY) is on sale now for just days more!
Here’s a sneak peek inside our first two boxes:


MOJO box July   MOJO box June

Monthly Unboxing Party!

Want to see our first MOJO box being unboxed? Here you go! We will have a monthly live "unboxing" party for you to join virtually, with our featured children's book author of the month on our Facebook page, live for 15 minutes every second Friday of the month, 10 AM CST!

Here are our unboxing parties from June and July!



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