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POSITIVE PARENTING COURSE HANDOUTS: 24 page .pdf file with a color cover page. With exception of the cover page, the handouts are in order from the LAST page to the first page for easy printing.

Many members find it helpful to print and hang a few of the 12-point Mindful Parenting Checklists (page 2 of the handouts) around the house. Stash one wherever you could use some extra support; a gentle reminder to help you respond instead of react including the car, bathroom, kitchen, your child's bedroom...anywhere you find yourself on a daily basis.


The six class videos are linked below, along with your pre and post class survey. 

I recommend watching one video per week to give yourself time to live into the class materials each week AND to keep the momentum building. Each week's lesson builds upon the last so please, watch them in order.

Use the Weekly Worksheet found in the handout packet along with your class notebook and to record your goals, challenges, breakthrough moments and more.

Each class will offer you 1 to 2 simple exercises (see handouts) for you to complete during the week along with time to reflection on the week gone by and to set goals for the week ahead. 

Have fun and please, keep me posted on your progress! I love receiving your email updates, especially when they included the places you feel stopped and/or your breakthrough experiences! Once you complete Class Six and our post-class survey, you will be invited

Once you complete Class Six and the post-class survey, you will be invited into our parenting forum for graduates only. [BOOM!] There this course will continue living into your life for months and years to come.



Welcome! A Quick Goal Setting Survey

Class One: Self Awareness | PASSWORD: FreeAccessClassOne

Class Two: Balance and Mindfulness | PASSWORD: ClassTwoAccess

Class Three: Ritual and Play | PASSWORD: ClassThreeAdmission

Class Four: Boundaries | PASSWORD: ClassFourOpen

Class Five: Power | PASSWORD: ClassFiveEnter

Class Six: Intuition |PASSWORD: ClassSixIn


Congratulations Graduate! Here is a quick Post-Course Survey!

After completing this survey, you will be added to our private Positive Parenting Online Forum for 24/7 from hundreds of parents just like you who have completed the course as well.


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