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I Can Be Who I Needed

Feelings Friday # 32: I can be who I needed. 

(And who are all those people in the photo and why are they looking up? Keep reading...)

Can you remember what it was like to be a little person? What you felt you needed from the world around you but might not have been getting? 

    In today's Feelings Friday video we talk about how we can be who we needed when we were young.

    And now to explain the photo. I spent Christmas in Hawaii with my ) big family, and after losing my dad to cancer in August, it was the perfect place to be. 

    Here we are celebrating mom's 80th and remembering my dad all at the very same time.

    Life can be like this, can't it? Bittersweet. 

    Sometimes the hard things in life propel smack dab right on into the magic.

    My wish for you this day is that in the midst of the many challenges you are surely facing ( that you are not only pausing to notice and name your feelings but that you are celebrating life and your many blessings as well.

    I am celebrating you.


    Founder, Generation Mindful


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    Time-in Toolkit in action

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