Make Connection a Habit

time-in toolkit

 How My Five-Year-Old Taught Me Empathy

This year, as parents we have had to level up our game as we navigate a global pandemic, racial injustices being brought to the forefront, civil unrest and so much more. At any one given moment, it’s hard to know whether I am thriving or just getting by. My daughter’s kindness...

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6 Reasons You May Be Failing Time-Ins

If you are having trouble implementing time-ins in your home, or you are wondering if this is right for your family, we have some tips to help bring the science and connection into everyday life. Just remember,it is your love and your relationships with children that bring our time-in tools...

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7 Meaningful Gifts for 2020

Rather than gifting toys this holiday that will likely find their way to the bottom of the toy bin, give the children on your list meaningful memories instead. Here are seven connection-based gift ideas for ages one and up that we love for the holidays and all year long.

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