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Make Connection a Habit

time-in toolkit

Determination Can Feel Unpleasant, And It's Useful

Have you ever paused to notice your emotions? As human beings, we experience a full spectrum throughout our lifetimes. Some emotions feel pleasant in the body, and some feel less pleasant. And while we often feel most comfortable with pleasant emotional states such as happiness, silliness, kindness, and gratitude, unpleasant emotions...

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Life With Filters, Responding Verse Reacting

What is something that your child does that reminds you of yourself? When we pause and look, we often discover that our children mirror our behaviors. Join Selina as she chats about living life with filters and tools for responding to (instead of reacting to) our children so that we model...

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Parenting Toddlers, Tweens, and Teens Using Time-Ins

Crystal is a mama with a household of toddlers, tweens, and teens where uncontrollable sobbing and outbursts were a daily occurrence, and not just from her three-year-old. Crystal shares how learning basic social emotional skills helped her family of six bridge the gap that was growing between family members, improving...

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Social-Emotional Learning Starts At Home

Students who are self-aware and able to understand their emotions have a greater ability to relate to others, make decisions, and excel academically. And while schools play a large role in teaching, modeling, and creating opportunities for these skills, social-emotional learning starts in the home. 

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Framing And Hanging Your Time-In-ToolKit

With three questions in mind, we set off to frame and hang our ToolKit posters. Which frames will work best? Where could I find the deals? And how do I attach the frames to our wall? The process ended up being pretty easy, budget-friendly and, the biggest bonus, we had fun...

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