New FREE parenting class for neuro-diverse families CLICK HERE FOR EARLY ACCESS

New FREE parenting class for neuro-diverse families. CLICK HERE FOR EARLY ACCESS

Make Connection a Habit

positive parenting

 How My Five-Year-Old Taught Me Empathy

This year, as parents we have had to level up our game as we navigate a global pandemic, racial injustices being brought to the forefront, civil unrest and so much more. At any one given moment, it’s hard to know whether I am thriving or just getting by. My daughter’s kindness...

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6 Reasons You May Be Failing Time-Ins

If you are having trouble implementing time-ins in your home, or you are wondering if this is right for your family, we have some tips to help bring the science and connection into everyday life. Just remember,it is your love and your relationships with children that bring our time-in tools...

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No Is A Complete Sentence

Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment, guiding us how to say and receive "no," using our hearts and intuition as guides. Through breath work, she helps us release any stored feelings around saying no, and in doing so, we have more space to say "yes" when it serves our...

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