School Program Uses PeaceMakers to Aide Social-Emotional Skill Building

A seven year old child pulls the "I am kind" PeaceMakers card as part of his one-on-one in school yoga session, and then, asked if he believes this about himself, he shares simply... 


The therapist running the program then asks him, "Do you think you might ever feel this way?" He pauses and replies...

"Maybe. I hope so. I think yoga and meditation helps with that, though.” 

A heartfelt, tentative expression of hope. A revelation of what the breath, movement, and sharing our thoughts with someone we feel safe to share them with can do.

I am so grateful for the powerful Fit Abilities Yoga program in the Ferguson MO School District and the empowering ways they are working with the PeaceMakers mantra cards.

PeaceMakers are not statements that children are “supposed” to believe. They are empowering affirmations that lead to self reflection, awareness, and conversation. Either way, they open us up to ourselves that we might share ourselves with someone else. And when a card takes us to a place inside where we feel stopped, we don't have to do or fix anything. We can simply hold that place just a little bit closer. 

These are the openings and the conversations we want to be having with children... 💚 ...and with ourselves.

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