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Peaceful Parenting Tips: How To Do Time-Ins

Many parents have a shared goal of raising kind and healthy humans, and taking time-ins is a research-proven way to reach that goal.

There is no perfect way to parent, but there are tools and habits we can practice to help us connect with our children before we correct them. 

Time-ins turn misbehavior into learning opportunities for children and adults alike to name, express, and manage their emotions. When children have a safe place to feel, they step into the power of their bodies, minds, and hearts, a place where we as adults can join them. 


Ashley Patek is the Content Director for Generation Mindful. Ashley is an occupational therapist, certified lifestyle/parenting coach, and mama to four children; two boys and two daughters born to Heaven. She believes that parenting starts with us as parents and focuses on the whole-parent, whole-child, and whole-family dynamic.