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Calming Corner

The Myth of Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is a myth. Regulation is never about the self because we are always drawing on internal representations of what we have previously experienced in relationships. So, before our kids can self-regulate, they must first learn to co-regulate. Here's how.

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How To Heal Your Inner Child While Raising One

Often, when punitive measures were used to reform our behaviors as children, it can be a challenge to step outside controlling, demanding, and commanding our children's experience, especially in the face of big emotions and misbehavior. So, how do we heal our traumas while raising children? Here are 3 tools. ...

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8 Ways To De-escalate Tantrums With Your Child

Teens and toddlers alike can demonstrate aggressive or uncooperative behaviors from time to time as influenced by big emotions and neurological overwhelm. De-escalation tools help parents defuse a situation and help their child calm and regulate their system.

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 How My Five-Year-Old Taught Me Empathy

This year, as parents we have had to level up our game as we navigate a global pandemic, racial injustices being brought to the forefront, civil unrest and so much more. At any one given moment, it’s hard to know whether I am thriving or just getting by. My daughter’s kindness...

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