Make Connection a Habit


Hey Mama, I Know You Cried Today

Motherhood. Nothing brings us more elated joy or crushing heartache. The good news is, you’re up for it. You can handle every up and down, every tear and every grin, because you were chosen for it. You being her mama is not an accident. 

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The 12 Things I Now Know As A Mother

Parenthood is the ultimate journey - not only in getting to know our children but in growing (and testing) ourselves, too. I have learned so much in my years of mommin’, and here are just a few. Maybe you can relate, too …

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The Day My Daughter Shaved Her Head

My daughter sat fearlessly in the barber's chair with a smile across her face as long clumps of hair left her head. And it was then I realized not only what's important in life, but what gives it meaning.

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An open letter to you, my toddler: "I get It."

I get it. I get all of it. The screams, the tears, the tantrums. Your bottom lip drops and your eyes brim with emotions. Sometimes you even turn away from me. That one rips my heart in two. Then the sun will peek through and the smiles will come...

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