Breaking Generational Cycles

Stop Saying, "He's Mean To You Because He Likes You"

"He's mean to you because he likes you" is a harmful message that perpetuates the cycle of bullying and program

Mar 21 22 | 3 - 32 min read

Parenting DUI's Affect A Child's Self-Worth

In all of our loving intent, we sometimes commit parenting DUI's, which can send our children into a protective response. Here are 3 ways to break the

How To Reduce Your Child's Exposure To Shame

Shame eats away at a child’s core emotional need to feel loved and connected, leaving them feeling small, unworthy, fl

Apr 25 22 | 3 - 32 min read

A Strong Relationship With Your Child Gives You More Authority, Not Less

As children learn to regulate emotions and learn higher-level skills through the safe space of a supportive caregiver, not only does it strength

Apr 25 22 | 3 - 32 min read

I Messed Up. Have I Messed Up My Kids?

You know you are a parent if you have ever questioned your qualifications for the job. You may be asking yourself,

Apr 25 22 | 3 - 32 min read

Breaking The Cycles Of Fear-Based Parenting

Here are 5 ways to use connection-based parenting (Over fear-based), and break the cycle of emotional wounding.

Apr 11 22 | 3 - 32 min read

As A Parent, I Miss Feeling Seen - How To Cope With The Loneliness Of Parenthood

Without a village, parenthood can feel pretty isolating and lonely. Not being seen and connected often feels like a threat to our emotional and psy

Apr 11 22 | 3 - 32 min read

If It All Feels Heavy Today, Read This

There are millions of beautiful moments in parenting and also, sometimes, it feels hard. If you’re finding yourself in a heavy season today, or

Apr 4 22

Feeling In Color

Do you live in black and white or do you feel in color?

Mar 28 22 | 3 - 32 min read

4 Powerful Ways To Ensure Your Kids Don’t Bear the Weight of Your Emotions

When children feel responsible for taking care of their parents emotionally, it can cause a range of mental and emotio

Mar 21 22 | 3 - 32 min read

10 Magical Outcomes to Dropping Your Expectations

We subconsciously believe that if our children are misbehaving, then we did

Mar 20 22 | 3 - 32 min read

To My Kids: I Messed Up Today, And I'm Sorry

messed up today in ways big and small. I am an imperfect mom. I used to shame myself for it, but not anymore. And here is

Mar 7 22 | 3 - 32 min read

Is It Okay For Me To Cry In Front Of My Child?

How do we straddle the line of expressing emotion in front of our children while letting them know that they are not responsible for our feel

Mar 6 22 | 3 - 32 min read

Gentle Parenting: An Ode To Our Ancestors

For Black parents, gentle parenting is not the opposite of what our elders have done. This is how we thank previous generations for keeping us safe in

Feb 14 22 | 3 - 32 min read
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