Make Connection a Habit

Play to Learn

Connect, Regulate, and Teach Through Play

Playfulness isn’t only a tool to keep in your parenting toolbox, it’s a mindset. Here are some tips and tools on how to use play to build connection, bolster emotional regulation, and enhance learning. 

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How To Use Storytime To Reduce Clinginess & Ease Transitions

Storytime is a time when our children's imaginations are fired up, operating in the frontal lobe of their brain, and primed for learning. If you are struggling with clingy behavior, transitions, or teaching new skills, a simple, scripted story may be the best tool in your toolbox! Get your FREE...

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The Power Of Play

When we join our children in their play, we join them in their world. Today Selina leads a mindful moment that invites us to tap into the playful parts of ourselves. 

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Building Emotional-Intelligence Through Play

As parents we tend to put pressure on ourselves and our kids when it comes to play and learning. But when we step back and let nature and biology take over, we actually see that children are wired to learn through play. Learn how to use unstructured (free) play to teach...

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6 Meaningful Christmas Gifts

Rather than storing unwanted toys in the closet, this year give the children on your list meaningful memories instead. Here are six connection-based gift ideas for ages two and up that we love for the holidays.

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