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Make Connection a Habit


There Is Wisdom In Your Listening

Hi! If you've ever felt overwhelmed by all the choices and information out there for us as parents, join us for this week’s chat as we 1) bring this mantra in, 2) break it down to remove any fear or guilt that might be sneaking in there for us and...

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Just Because I Can, Doesn't Mean I Have To

Just because I can, doesn't mean I have to. Join me as we 1) take in this mantra 2) take a closer look at it through the lens of "reality vs illusion" and 3) apply it practically and playfully to our lives. 

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Mistakes Help Me Learn and Grow

Today we are taking this beauty into our hearts and home! Join us and in just about 10 minutes each week we 1) work with our mantra of the week 2) explore the reality verse illusion behind these words and 3) share about how we might take these words more...

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You Are Love

Mantra this week: “You are love”This week I want to tell you 1) where I was on Friday such that you are just now seeing this 2) where the first line of our Generation Mindful manifesto originated and 3) how I use these three powerful words practically in my everyday...

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My Feelings Rock

How can we teach children that all feelings are okay (helpful!) to feel (including anger) and why is this important when it comes to nurturing emotional intelligence?

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Emotional Intelligence is More Than Naming Emotions

“You can’t have that toy,” we tell them, as they scream at the register. “You have enough toys at home.” They scream louder. “Stop-it” we whisper with frustration. Louder. Forcing the toy from their tiny hands, they resist with tears and kicks. And the screams get louder. Your child is...

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Helping Kids Process Their Emotions Free From Shame

Have you ever heard another adult tell a child who is crying to stop crying? Maybe they lead with something like, “What are you, a baby?” Oof. Most of us cringe to think these things are being said to children (and they are) but are we aware of the more subtle...

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