Make Connection a Habit

I trust the world and let love in.

This week's video mantra is a powerful one, all about what happens in our bodies when we feel SAFE and what happens when we help children feel safe in the world as well. Feeling safe...this is where true learning begins.

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I show my love, I am a friend.

Today we bust up a big myth holding us back from connecting fully with our kiddos, namely, that if we are friends with our children that we can't have boundaries or discipline them.  Let's do this! Join me and please chime in here on Facebook if you have a comment....

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I am perfect just the way I am

   Feelings Friday #20: I am perfect just the way I am. A tribute to the late Fred Rogers, soft focus and the SnuggleBuddies gang.  xo  Founder, Generation Mindful Generation Mindful creates tools, toys, and programs that nurturing emotional intelligence, connecting the generations playfully. Click here for weekly inspirations.  And for more on our SnuggleBuddies...

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