Make Connection a Habit


New Year's Intention Setting Freebie for Families

We created this three-page printable bundle to help you and your family set mindful, empowering, and FUN intentions that stick... together:     It's our gift to you. Happy New Year! All of these intention setting activities can be done by yourself, with one child at a time, or as a...

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5 Simple Ways To Build Resilience in 2021

Being a social worker has always had some ambiguity on how a day will unfold. Some days I breeze through the hall watching laughing children congregating near their lockers, and other days there is a crisis in a student’s home resulting in tears. But 2020 is a different kind of...

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Finding Calm Through Anxiety

Join Selina as she explores how anxiety manifests in our lives and gives tools for working with it and through it. She leads a mindful moment using patterned breathwork to help us find our calm in this moment. In finding our calm, we begin to heal and reset. 

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No Is A Complete Sentence

Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment, guiding us how to say and receive "no," using our hearts and intuition as guides. Through breath work, she helps us release any stored feelings around saying no, and in doing so, we have more space to say "yes" when it serves our...

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