Make Connection a Habit


Going With The Flow: Using Improv Games To Teach Flexibility

Sam struggled with impulse control and emotional processing when he didn't get what he wanted. Does this sound familiar in your home? I created an improv game to help nurture emotional intelligence and bolster flexibility. Get this game and more in our E-Book: 10 Minutes of Play For 10 Days!

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Want Your Child to Sleep Better? Do this.

A new study concluded that almost half of children in the United States don’t get the recommended nine hours, and their lack of sleep is negatively impacting their development. This tool may change it all. 

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Why Improv Is Not Just For The Stage

We all improvise every day, and children are the ultimate improvisers. Through play and connection, improv games nurture brain development and bolster social-emotional learning. Here's how to do it. Plus get our E-Book: 10 Minutes of Play For 10 Days!

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Collecting Moments Watching Our Toddlers Grow Into Teens

One mama urges, "Bring awareness to your moments. Collect them even though most of them will eventually fade away and be forgotten, because each one leaves its mark. And even when the mind can no longer recall it, it doesn’t matter because that moment has become you."

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Regulate Emotions Through Play

How do we get under the meltdowns, tantrums, and big wants and desires fueling our tots? Learn how to use play and mind-body activities to increase connection, regulate emotions, and change undesirable behaviors.

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Ask Andrew: Prep For New Places

Andrew answers today's question: How can I help my three and half-year-old prepare for going to new places? He really struggles when we first get somewhere and when it's time to leave.

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