Make Connection a Habit

positive parenting

Portable Emotional ToolKit for Sensitive Kids

How do you discipline a highly sensitive child? Using time-ins help children understand and mange their deep emotional world, nurturing connection and emotional intelligence. Here are 8 tips to building a portable ToolKit for your child to help them regulate not only at home but on the go.

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8 Children's Books To Nurture Inclusion

While June is a month to honor and celebrate those in the LGBTQ+ community, inclusion is not a one-time or one-month conversation. It is an everyday lived experience. Here are 8 children's books to nurture inclusion. 

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Moving Past Punishment With Compassion

Maybe what she needed was to be seen, heard, and validated. For someone to tell her that she didn’t have to be that scared child anymore. Here are 5 ways to show compassion to a fellow parent and 3 ways to re-parent your inner child.

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There's What Parents Say And What Kids Hear

Does it ever feel like there is a disconnect between what you say and what your kids hear? Like, somehow, asking your child not to jump on the couch or slap her brother translates into more jumping and continued slapping. Here are common parenting phrases, what kids hear, and what we...

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Ask Andrew: Prep For New Places

Andrew answers today's question: How can I help my three and half-year-old prepare for going to new places? He really struggles when we first get somewhere and when it's time to leave.

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