Make Connection a Habit

emotional intelligence

The Blessing of Now

The tasks we need to get done, the clean house, the money we chase for the next bill, the wanting better, the material things in life, more of this and of more of that. None of it matters.

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Child Stress And How Emotional Intelligence Can Keep It In Check

Stress is our body’s natural reaction to a challenging or adverse situation, whether real or imagined, which triggers the body’s fight-flight-or-freeze response. By learning to express emotions, listen actively, and consider multiple perspectives, children and adults alike can learn to control stress more effectively.

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Teaching Children To Trust Their Intuition

Intuition is vital for our children to feel safe. When we send messages that gaslight or override our children's intuition, we dismiss life through their lens. Children need to know that we will support them in tuning in and trusting what they find. Read more. 

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5 Powerful Phrases To Say To Children That Boost Brain Development

Our words have the power to build up our children, nurture and guide them. They also have the power to cripple, shrink, and wound. It is these 5 phrases, spoken by well-intended parents, that tend to miss the mark on paving pathways for self-discipline and emotional regulation. Here's what to say...

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Why Being A Perfect Parent Is Too Much

In the face of her daughter's meltdowns, this mama strived to be perfect by suppressing her own emotions. What she learned is that abandoning herself was a trauma response to her own childhood, and that what she and her daughter both needed was this ...

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