Make Connection a Habit


Channel Your Inner Beyoncé

Join Selina as we celebrate and honor the fierce women in our lives from which we draw inspiration and strength. During this mindful moment, we give homage to all the women before us and standing among us who continue to hold up half the sky with their love and contributions...

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Triggers: I Am Close To The Edge

The emotions that arise in the face of our triggers can actually be a gift, because they give us the opportunity to become aware of the parts of us asking to be. Join Selina as she leads a mindful moment to allow us to meet our triggers with awareness, curiosity,...

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9 Mantras I Use When Low On Patience With My Kids

We have all had them - those moments where we have a choice to either skyrocket to a heightened state of emotion, letting it carry us into reactions of yelling, blaming, or scolding - or to pause long enough to take a deep breath (or five) and stay planted on...

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Tune In And Just Be

Join Selina as she teaches the tool of finger breathing - a effective way to take the time you need during those not so great parenting moments, to love yourself in spite of the edges, and give yourself permission to just be. 

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What if I was done? Complete. Leaving me incomplete. Longing to be a work in progress. Round around the edges. Potential yet realized.

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