Make Connection a Habit

feelings friday

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Science says that when we practice gratitude, it not only improves our overall health but it attracts more of what we are thankful for. Join Selina in a mindful moment to anchor in the spirit of gratitude. 

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Tune In And Just Be

Join Selina as she teaches the tool of finger breathing - a effective way to take the time you need during those not so great parenting moments, to love yourself in spite of the edges, and give yourself permission to just be. 

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My Forgiveness Heals

My forgiveness heals. As we enter the holiday season, being with our extended family, triggers abound! Let's talk about this life-changing mantra, break it down and apply it to our lives playfully and practically. 

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I Am A Team Player

Are we raising a generation of pansies? The short answer is 110% no. We don't have to be scared of children with big feelings.Big feelings can be a gift.

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